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Neutrogena - Jules the friendly line

Do I need just facewash? Or 7 steps Korean routine? It is confusing

to navigate through the extensive world of skincare. What Product is right for you?


Neutrogena wants to facilitate their consumer. Creating a guide

to help and pick right products. For instore & online. 

Jules is a friendly line. A human made line, A pen pall, if you will. 

Jules will be the narrator of the chatbot. She will help out by “illustrating” the steps for you. 

Jules is mature, female, friendly, artistic & simplistic. 

work vero.070.jpeg
work vero.073.jpeg
work vero.068.jpeg

Look & Feel Jules

work vero.084.jpeg

Concept application

work vero.085.jpeg
work vero.087.jpeg
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